Coos Bay to Bandon

…Well, almost to Bandon.  The walk through Coos County Forest went beautifully, as did the bus pickup. As I said before, I think I’ve turned a corner with regard to my peace of mind walking through the forest. God was good today with the weather – totally cloudy until the last couple of miles, but no rain. The shoulder was generous, making for a really comfortable day of walking.

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: ICAN – California Abilities Network
Church Spotlight: Coast Life Church – Coos Bay, OR

I never gave the remoteness of the situation a second thought.  I stayed aware of my surroundings, but I really never felt any apprehension.  I did pass by what I suspect was a transient man with all his belongings on a bike. He was sitting on a guardrail eating a sandwich as I passed. We exchanged ‘good mornings’, and he asked if everything was okay with my bike (because I was walking it instead of riding). Then he offered me a sandwich! I said “no, but thank you very much, & God bless…” He gave me a thumbs-up, and that was that.

I can’t say the miles were especially scenic today, as one tree looks very much like another. And another. And another. But the road did get high enough and the trees thin enough for a few ridge-top glimpses. Here’s what my 10 miles looked like today, with almost no exception:


I was a little worried about the new bike in the beginning. I like to steer with one hand on the seat, rather than holding the handle bars – it’s a much more natural position for walking. But the headset on this bike is looser than on my old one, and I started off weaving back and forth pretty significantly – but I eventually got accustomed to it and it worked out just fine.

A few wildlife notes: I think I heard some wild turkeys ‘gobbling’ off in the distance, but it was hard to tell with all the traffic noise. I saw a young buck deer when I got back to my car – he was only about 5 yards away, and just stared at me until I picked up my camera. Then he high-tailed it and all I got was the (blurry) east end of a westbound deer. And then there was this little guy (I’m not sure what it is – a mouse?). I thought he was dead, but when I nudged him he stretched and almost sat up – as if he had been sleeping and was still groggy.  I wasn’t sure if I should finish him off or not.  In the end, I did not.  I hope he recovered…


Oh – and I thought I’d seen just about everything on the side of the road except the kitchen sink… now I’ve seen the kitchen sink! 😀

I ended the day with one final visit to my newest Happy Place – Sunset Bay State Park. The sunset itself was a dud, but the setting is so beautiful – it’s hard to leave. On the way back to the church (heading east) I got to enjoy a rising full moon. A wonderful last night in Coos Bay!

Tomorrow I leave Coast Life Church and head south and a bit inland to Coquille for 2 nights to stay with Coquille Foursquare Church (Praise Center).


“For with God nothing shall be impossible” ~ Luke 1:37

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