Prayer Needs

For those Sole Mates who will be my Prayer Warriors, here are the parts of the process where I would dearly love prayer as I undertake this journey!

  1. That I don’t let my excitement and enthusiasm for the trek turn me blind/deaf to the Lord’s leading.
  2. That God will bless the purpose of this effort – to raise funds for Hope Chapel Missions and ALL of my charities. I pray that we will be amazed!
  3. For an abundance of volunteers for overnight hosting – and for vehicle support, walking partners and pick-up vehicles on those days I need it.
  4. For health & safety.  Not just for me, but for my family too – because a crisis in their health or life situations will affect my ability to complete the trip.
  5. That I can fully anchor myself with the promise in Joshua 1:9 when I’m feeling afraid or discouraged – and that I will trust in the Lord with every step.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Prayer Needs

    • Thank you, Julie – I was feeling pretty discouraged beforehand, but once I started walking, I was SO at peace. Mile 2 was for you!


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