Sunday Update

Today was my day off – I went to Coast Life Church (my host church), then out to lunch with Kelli, who leaves next Sunday for her 4th mission trip to Uganda – please keep her in your prayers!

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: ICAN – California Abilities Network
Church Spotlight: Coast Life Church – Coos Bay, OR

Tomorrow (Monday) will be my biggest ‘forest’ challenge yet – 10 full miles of woods. I’ll walk my (new) bike alongside for an added measure of safety, then the Coastal Express bus will carry both me and the bike back to my car. The CE bus should be able to serve me all the way into California – except for Saturdays, when I’ll probably have to ride the bike back.

I sometimes worry that people will think that keeping the bike alongside in remote areas is a lack of trust in the Lord – but I’ve promised to be prudent and not foolhardy in this journey and I will use every resource He provides for me in order to keep that promise!

Tomorrow will be the first day that I will walk the bike all 10 miles from beginning to end.

I finished off the day (and the weekend) back at Sunset Bay, viewing one of the most beautiful sunset/locale combinations I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, my camera battery died after just one shot! There was a couple visiting from Germany who looked to have gotten some really good shots – and Silke said that when they got back to Germany she’d email me a few of them!

Here’s the one I was able to get with my own camera:


This verse was printed on the wall at Coast Life Church:


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