Yesterday was supposed to be partly cloudy – it was almost totally cloudy. Today was supposed to be mostly cloudy – it was totally sunny. Go figure. Both days were, however, totally lovely.

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: ICAN – California Abilities Network
Church Spotlight: Coast Life Church – Coos Bay, OR

The day started with some woods, but only a short stretch before I entered beautiful Bandon.


The only real hurdle I had was the Coquille River bridge. Short, but narrow with little area to walk. Not too bad, as long as I’m not sharing the road with a logging truck or motor home. I chose to walk with traffic because my line of sight was longer. I waited until there was a break in the traffic behind me, then I started picking ’em up & putting ’em down, ’cause when you get about 3/4 over the hump, you can’t be seen until they’re right on top of you. I kept looking back – nothing coming! Just as I got out of sight I saw a motorhome coming around the bend behind me. It’s amazing how l-o-n-g a tenth of a mile (or more accurately, the final 10 yards) can seem when you’re racing a 55mph behemoth…

I lost the battle, but won the war! There was no traffic coming in the other direction, so he was able to slip over a bit – and the only consequence was a hurricane breeze as he whooshed by.


My companions for this trip were some cute little caterpillars that seemed intent on crossing the road. I’ve learned to be suspicious of cute little caterpillars with spines, but Shelley went for it one day – just picked one up & rescued it. Now I feel a compulsion to do the same. They look like they have little puppy dog faces so how can I not help out a few – talk ’em off the ledge, so to speak.


I got the photo above online while trying to identify the critter. It’s a silver-spotted tiger moth caterpillar, and apparently some people can have severe allergic reactions from touching the spines – but apparently Shelley & I are not one of those people!

I did perform one more rescue today. ‘Wouldn’t touch the mouse, but I did catch a pretty California Red-Sided Garter Snake that seemed only slightly wounded and stunned. Like the mouse, I hope it survived after I moved it off the road. This isn’t my photo, but it’s what it looked like:


Okay, the nature lesson is over! On the northern outskirts of Bandon I saw this beautiful cross on a side road:


By the way, I forgot to turn my tracker on today for the first half of my walk. I didn’t cheat & catch a cab! 🙂

Thank you, Lord, for another day of health, safety, and good weather!

For it is written: He will command His angels concerning you to guard you carefully. ~ Luke 4:10

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