Prayers, Please…

I normally do my full blog entry on Saturday nights when my walking week is over, but I’m not quite done yet.  The last 4 miles of the week are scheduled to be the crossing of the Green Monster – the Astoria bridge.  Because it’s going to be a challenge in many ways, I decided that the crack of dawn on Sunday morning would be the safest time to avoid traffic for these last miles, so I stopped my walk today at the foot of the bridge and will cross into Oregon tomorrow in the 6:00am hour. The bridge is just over 4 miles long (and about 200′ high), so it’ll take me nearly an hour and a half. It’s supposed to rain, but that shouldn’t be a problem – the only weather conditions that would keep me from crossing will be high winds, lightning or heavy fog.  Of those, only fog is a possibility at this point based on current weather reports.

And yes, I’m aware that pedestrians are not allowed on this bridge, but with the advice of a sympathetic state trooper I think I’ve found a way to be in compliance with the law… 🙂 I still pray that I won’t have to waste time ‘splainin’…

Please keep me in your prayers – I’ll post briefly here in the comments when I’m done, and I’ll do a more detailed blog post tomorrow night.

“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” ~ Philippians 4:13


5 thoughts on “Prayers, Please…

  1. Laura you are in our prayers. A covering of complete safety, protection, guidance, grace and favor. No fear! Smooth sailing, as they say. May your trek be swift and uninturrpted. In Him… ALL things are possible.

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  2. Thank you Jesus! I’m done, and all is well. No rain, no fog, no wind, hardly any traffic. More later, but sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to my brother. He’s heading back to Utah today. 😢


  3. Hi Laura! Praise God for He has really give you strength not only physical, but spiritual! Just looking at the pictures of the bridge made me feel a little scared. Blessings always!

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