Potpourri (2)

Danny (my big brother) & I have spent the last week touring around Western Washington – the Olympic Peninsula, Mt. Ranier NP & Mount St. Helens. I’ll start trekking again on Monday, about halfway between Cosmopolis and Astoria. The area I’ll be walking is rather isolated, so Danny will walk with me, accompany me by bike, stay near me by car, or some combination of all of these. By next Sunday, I’ll be in Oregon!

We had a great time touring, and the area is beautiful – but there was one unique event that will always stick in my mind, and it happened on Thursday as we were driving the last few miles of the eastern peninsula on US 101.  It was raining, and suddenly an unmarked police vehicle turned on its emergency lights and started swerving repeatedly into our lane, creating a traffic break. As we slowed down, wondering what in the world was going on (we were the only 2 vehicles on the road), we looked up ahead and saw this:


I’m happy to report that Mom & kids made it across the road safely!

Spotlights this week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: Desire Street Ministries
Church Spotlight: Calvary Chapel Creekside – Everson, WA
Church Spotlight: Mill Creek Foursquare Church – Mill Creek, WA
Church Spotlight: Marysville Foursquare Church – Marysville, WA

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Since this is my off week, I’m gonna do another Potpourri post – which is mainly short, random thoughts and things I saw & experienced along the course of this trek:

Animals to add to my list: Raccoons, bison and bunnies

No matter how I get back to my car at the end of a walking day, it seems LONG. Did I really just walk that far? 😀

My favorite terrain to walk in is thru farmland!

Used ‘the woods’ for the first time, if ya’ know what I mean…

If you’re tracking me, please note that sometimes I forget to turn the tracker on when I start & off when I finish – and if I’m leap-frogging with my bike & my car, the tracking points are gonna look CRAZY!

I passed a towing company called ‘No No’s Tows’ in Montesano, and in the town of Joyce on the OP, we saw a street called Bytha Way, and 2 creeks: Itsa Creek and Uptha Creek – and this mailbox (for air mail):


Last week when I scouted my route south of Cosmopolis, I saw a young man fully loaded down for long-distance hiking.  When Danny & I were driving the Olympic Peninsula, we saw him again at a creek crossing, eating his lunch (about 150 miles north of where I first saw him)!

One day, I somehow dialed 911 on my phone… Thankfully, they called me back to make sure I really needed help before sending anyone. It had to be some kind of one-touch thing, and I have NO idea how I did it, nor how to not do it again.

Coldest day walking yet was Day 2 of this cycle – I started out at 39 degrees.

It’s been so beautiful walking in Washington in springtime! I was there too early for the Tulip Festival in Mt Vernon, but Danny & I did see a beautiful field en route to Mt Ranier NP – and there were signs inviting us to ‘tiptoe thru the tulips’!


I saw a drone in Drain.

People here love their Seahawks – 12 is their favorite number!

There’s a radio station up here that plays all Christmas music – called North Pole Radio.

On the way up here, I noticed a number of rest stops offering Free Coffee. At one point I was feeling a little sleepy, so I stopped for some of that free coffee. The size was one of those small styrofoam cups, and it really was free, but they had a prominent ‘donations’ container. I didn’t feel right leaving anything less than a dollar – but I can get 3 times that much coffee at McDonalds for $1.08.  No more Free Coffee for me!

Walking through Tacoma, there was a fellow in a Winnie the Pooh jacket walking just ahead of me for more than 5 miles!

As I crossed the street in Tukwila with several other people, a man waiting at the stop light with his car window open said, “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” That made me smile for quite awhile.

It’s amazing how many people making a right turn never look to the right before pulling out. Don’t trust ’em unless you see the whites of their eyes!

God had mercy on my stupidity this week – Danny & I pulled up in front of a picnic bench at a rest stop to eat lunch.  Afterwards, Danny went to fill his water bottle, so I gathered our stuff and sat in the car to wait for him. As I’m sitting there, I noticed that I had left something on the picnic bench – my purse! If we hadn’t been delayed by filling the water bottle, we probably would have driven off without it…

Finally, here’s a picture of today’s visit to Mount St. Helens National Monument – this is beautiful Coldwater Lake, which didn’t exist before the eruption in 1980:


“In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him.
The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.” ~ Psalm 95:4-5



4 thoughts on “Potpourri (2)

  1. Wow, that was a great post! Glad you are having a nice visit with your brother and so glad he will be with you in the isolated areas! Look how far you’ve gone already and all the memorable experiences you’ve had! I miss you sole sister! Blessings!

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