And So It Begins…

Tomorrow morning I start my first 10 miles! I hope to start walking in the 9:00 hour (Pacific Time), and if you’d like to track me, see the ‘Track Me!’ tab in the menu above.

I should catch you up on yesterday & today…

Yesterday morning I drove from Life Foursquare Church to my next host home in Anacortes, WA.  I wasn’t expecting it to be so cold in Yreka – it had rained overnight and all the rain on my car was now ice! A few minutes with the defroster & I was good to go.  Shortly after getting onto the freeway, there was a gorgeous sunrise view of Mt Shasta.


…and I loved this barn!


However, very shortly into the trip, my stomach started feeling weird – as if I had just eaten a huge feast, even though I hadn’t eaten anything at all since a very light dinner the night before. NOT good timing! As most of you know, I love to drive – but that trip couldn’t get over fast enough.

I was staying overnight in Anacortes with Steve & Denise, pastors of Living Rock Foursquare Church. They were SO supportive and kind – they prayed over me and gave me a baking soda home remedy.  Between that and the prayers (and taking in nothing but water), I had a pretty good night’s sleep and woke up feeling much better.

I attended 2 church services this morning.  I drove to Oak Harbor to attend Grace Church and meet Desiree, who I’ll be staying with next Fri & Sat nights.  Then I raced back to Anacortes for the 10:30 service at Living Rock. I had been told to enjoy Deception Pass along the way, and it WAS breathtaking – but I’ll be able to linger more when I come back to Oak Harbor next weekend.

Pastor Denise at Living Rock asked me to speak briefly, and they prayed for me. I was blown away when Pastor Steve said they would be taking up a collection next week for my trek! There were also offers of rides back to my car in the coming week – and a husband & wife who want to provide walking/vehicle support.  Joanna & Ken will start with me tomorrow!

My intent was to scout my route for the week after church, but I only got Day 1 & Day 2 done, so the rest will have to wait till after I walk tomorrow.  I wanted to get to my next host home in Abbotsford, Canada before nightfall – and I ‘just’ made it.

Because my walk starts in Peace Arch Park which straddles the international border (I can actually go into Canada without a passport as long as I stay within the park boundaries), I hadn’t anticipated an ‘official’ border crossing.  When Randy & Lorrie opened their home to me in Abbotsford, I made sure I had my passport – but neglected to check the legality of my pepper spray. I didn’t think about it until I was just a few miles from the border.  When a quick Google search mentioned ‘fines and imprisonment’, I went to Plan B. I just happened to be driving through the town of Linden at that very moment – and my host home for Tues, Wed & Thurs night is in Linden! So I called Diana & dropped the pepper spray off with her.  I’m glad I did, too – because with my car loaded down as much as it was, the border agent was pretty curious about what all I had in there, specifically asking about “weapons of any kind”.  I’m glad I didn’t chance-um…

When I got to Lorrie & Randy’s home, she had a lovely meal prepared, but I was too leery of my currently-delicate stomach to do much more than sample it.  I tried a bit of everything and it was delicious! My stomach seems to be doing fairly well this evening after the first non-liquid meal since Friday night, so I have high hopes that things will be back to normal in the morning.

I have appreciated all of you who have prayed for me after hearing that I wasn’t feeling well.  It really made a difference in my attitude about the whole thing – and as some suggested, it may be that a bit of anxiety is causing it.

9 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. Glad you are feeling better! Pray that your journey will bring many divine appointments and quiet moments with God. It was a blessing to have you at church yesterday, and we look forward to following your journey.
    Steve and Denise

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    • Thank you so much, Steve & Denise – this has been a remarkable time in my life already. Much of it because of the people I’ve met. I can’t wait to see what waits down the road!


  2. I have been thinking of you all weekend and of course praying for you and for all that goes with this journey. I had me at to ask you last Wednesday if you had pepper spray… Thank you Lord for the perfect timing of removing it. You would have half the church up there bailing you out. 😘 Praying for God to pave be way for you Laura.

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  3. This post answered my question about the pepper spray! Lol! So glad you are feeling better! Be sure to get on a good probiotic and vitamins/minerals as water and Gatorade (and even the food we eat) doesn’t have the nutrients we need. Love you and am praying for you!!!

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