Lucia to Gorda

Once again (as happened earlier in this walking cycle), after investing a significant amount of time writing this blog post, it disappeared right before I hit ‘send’! I have to admit, I’m fed up with it. I wanna cry, but here’s another go at it…

I’m already 2 days late with this post – but after Saturday’s walk, Shani & I drove back home to L.A. This is the first time I’ve been able to drive home on a walking day – proof positive that I’m getting closer to home!

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: California Abilities Network (ICAN)
Church Spotlight: Bethel Baptist Church – Tillamook, OR

On Saturday we drove 30 miles north from our base in San Simeon to meet up with Shena (the young lady who’s been driving us for the past few days).  Unfortunately, Shena woke up to a flat tire on her truck which was going to take some time to fix.  Shani & I had already pushed our start time up 1 hour in order to get ahead of rain that was expected late morning, so time was of the essence.  We decided to go it alone, ‘leap-frogging’ with my car.

(Interestingly, the most important ladies for my journey in this past week were named Shelley, Shani and Shena…) Shhhhhh. 😀

Anyhow, Shani dropped me off, then drove ahead. She’s training for a St. Jude charity 10K, so after she parked the car she jogged back to meet me. We walked together back to the car, then repeated the process. Over and over. I’m happy to say we did beat the rain!

Shani’s pedometer showed that after all her back-tracking she did nearly the same 10 miles I did!

We arrived back in L.A. well after dark, road-weary from L.A. traffic.  All we wanted was our beds, so no blogging was done on Saturday night.

On Sunday we went to church, then drove up the Malibu coast (Shani had never been). We did lunch at Duke’s, then visited the Santa Monica Pier.  We rode the Ferris wheel and roller coaster, then raced back to my car just as a much-needed SoCal rainstorm rolled in.

Here’s the view north from atop the Pacific Wheel:


After our outing, we visited my grand-kids for a bit, then spent the evening curled up in recliners watching Hallmark Christmas movies with Inn-N-Out burgers in our laps (Animal Style, of course), listening to the rain with the first fire of the season crackling in the fireplace.

Larry declined the ‘chick-flicks’, opting for Sunday Night Football in another room.

Again, no blogging was done.

Shani flew back to Alabama this morning – I miss you already, girlfriend!

This was my last 2-week walking cycle away from home – I’ll be doing some more 2-week cycles, but by then I’ll be sleeping in my own bed!  I’m back home for a week (HAPPY THANKSGIVING!), then I drive back up next week to finish the final 15 miles of the beautiful Big Sur coast. I only have about 420 miles left to go before Mexico! 


I’ve transitioned from eagles (Washington) to ospreys (Oregon) to red-tailed hawks (California) – and with every bird, it always reminds me that I’m ‘under His wings’…

How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings. ~ Psalm 36:7

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