Milepost 10.7 to Gualala

Another gray day with snippets of sunshine – it started out at 48 degrees! The marine layer today was higher than in the past, so visibility was good.  A desirable element when you’re walking alongside 55 mph traffic with little shoulder.

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: Desire Street Ministries
Church Spotlight: Coast Christian Center – Ft. Bragg, CA

The road and traffic today were really pretty good – there weren’t too many times where we had to stop & hold our ground to let vehicles pass.

The terrain was mostly coastal wooded residential.  LOTS of properties with ocean-view homes tucked away on hillsides, mostly spread out – but sometimes in clusters of twos & threes.  The only town we passed until we got to Gualala was Anchor Bay, population 340.

We also passed a long-dead tree that was highly populated with buzzards – we counted 16 before one flew out of the bushes next to us and nearly scared us out into traffic!

As we entered Gualala, the end point of our day, we passed a Garden of Gualala Guardians:


We’ve moved our home base now from Gualala (where we stayed last night) to Bodega Bay. We’re so grateful for the bus, but each day we have to catch it earlier and earlier in its route.  Tomorrow morning we meet it in Stewarts Point at 6:20, and our relocation south means we have a 50+ mile drive on curvy coastal roads to get there – we’ll have to do much of the drive in the dark. Please pray that it won’t be foggy!


The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing. ~Zephaniah 3:17

2 thoughts on “Milepost 10.7 to Gualala

  1. Bless each step you take & may the Lord ☝continue to guide you on this amazing jouney! We thank you & your husband..friends along the way for the ❤&👟you have selflessly given on your contined amazing trek for Hope for Missions!
    God Bless & keep you safe!

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