Phillipsville to Dean Creek Resort

I really should have posted this on Thursday night, as that’s the day I actually walked – but I jumped right into the car & started the long drive to the SFO Bay Area, then home to L.A. the next day.  Then on Saturday our son & his family arrived from the Atlanta area. Right now we’re with both our sons, their wives and the grand kids at a beach house in La Jolla for a little vacation before I head back (with Larry this time) for my next walking cycle. So I’ve procrastinated with the final blog update for my August walking days!

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Church Spotlight: Church of Living Water – Olympia, WA

Thursday was a short day – only about 4.5 miles, mainly because I did about half a day last Sunday when I walked the freeway between Scotia and the start of Avenue of the Giants. I also stopped 2 days early so I could be home when my family arrived from Georgia.  When Larry & I go back up we’ll leave earlier than normal so we can catch up on those last 2 days.

About 2 miles of this day’s walk was on restricted freeway, but I walked 1 mile on Hooker Creek Road, which allowed me access to the freeway without passing a Pedestrians Prohibited sign. It was a daunting stretch of freeway with little shoulder and a bustling construction area that gave almost no options for safe passage.

The construction area had been busy and active through about a dozen trips through the area by car, including the day before my walk – so I prayed fervently as I approached it:

“Lord, guide my path, protect me, prepare the way before me, give me wisdom…”

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, then, when I saw the construction zone totally shut down! The barrels were stacked and thrown to the side of the road, the signs had been taken down or covered up, and not a piece of road repair equipment was in sight!

Not only that, but in much of the area with the narrowest shoulders, there was a newly weed-whacked patch of ground on the ‘safe’ side of the guardrail – just wide enough to walk on…Thank you Lord!


As I close out these recent weeks of walking, I want to thank my host family in Eureka – Shelley & Nathan – who allowed me to stay for the entire time I was walking. It was a win-win situation, as I was able to house/pet sit for them while they were out of town. I was there for 12 nights, which is the longest (by far) that I’ve stayed anywhere! Also thank you to Dave & Sally, Paul & Linda for my stays in the Bay Area as I commuted to/from home.

I’d also like to thank my walking ‘Sole Sisters’, Nancy and Tina… and thanks to Heidi & Matt, and Nancy & Tom for dinners… to Matt, Nancy, Tina, and Josh for rides. To Richie at Korbly’s Woodworking in Miranda for holding the kitten for us until we could come back to pick him up (it has recently been confirmed that Griffin is a ‘he’), and to Josh for adopting him. Also, thanks to Ranger Becca at Hidden Springs Campground for offering us the opportunity to park free of charge (even though we didn’t do it) – I hope you found a home for the goat!

And thank you to Dr. Carrico & staff for sticking with it to help me get pain-free!

Thanks to everyone for the prayers… I feel them.






4 thoughts on “Phillipsville to Dean Creek Resort

  1. Enjoy your time with family in La Jolla! We have a place at the beach in San Clemente for a month. Beautiful ocean view! Don’t ever want to leave!

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