Myers Flat to Phillipsville (Ave of the Giants)

It was an ‘interesting’ day. We had a longer-than-usual walk (11.25 miles) with the warmest temps I’ve walked in to date (90 degrees). We mostly ran out of redwoods – and the shade they provide – during the last 4-5 miles. And then we met Griffin…

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: Focus on the Family
Church Spotlight: Rio Dell Baptist Church – Rio Dell, CA
Church Spotlight: Eureka Faith Center – Eureka, CA

As we passed one of the signed redwood groves about a mile into our walk, Griffin came running out of the woods seeking help. She was hungry, scared and stranded. With all of us on foot, there was very little we could do to help her other than giving her a little food & water, so we backtracked to where several couples on motorcycles were parked and asked them if they would give her a ride to the next town.

They were reluctant to get involved, and we weren’t sure how long we’d have to wait for another vehicle to stop at the grove. We couldn’t just leave her there! So we took her along with us for 4 miles into the town of Miranda.

Let me introduce you to Griffin…



We couldn’t just leave this defenseless little kitten out there in the middle of nowhere, all alone! She was in remarkably good condition (though a little thin) with a healthy coat, and is incredibly friendly. She was shaking when we first picked her up, and dug her claws into me (painfully) in fear when a big truck passed by – but when we swaddled her in my jacket she relaxed and purred the whole way to Miranda. She loved making eye contact with me and often tried to snuggle against my neck.

When we made the decision to bring her with us, Tina called her son Josh who lives in the area and he said he’d adopt Griffin! He was scheduled to pick us up at the end of the day, but that was 6 more miles up the road – and as cute & cuddly as Griffin is, We couldn’t carry her 6 more miles past Miranda…

When we got to town, we prayed that someone would hold her for us until we could finish the walk and come back with Josh to pick her up. We got a good feeling about Korbly’s Woodworking and asked the young man in charge (Richie) if he had a way to protect her until we could get back, and he agreed!

When we finished our long, hot walk (we were both exhausted beyond the norm), Josh drove us back to Korbly’s and we found Richie’s dad cradling Griffin in his arms. They had fed her a bowl of food and milk, and we loaded her up in Josh’s pet kennel with many thanks. She (or HE, ’cause frankly we don’t know Griffin’s gender) is off to a good life.

Happy ending!

And oh, by the way – though Josh may choose to name him/her something different, the redwood grove where we were ‘chosen’ by this precious little creature was Griffin Grove, so the name seemed appropriate for the short term… 🙂


Here’s a funny addendum story:  After dropping Griffin off with her foster parents at Korbly’s, we took a nice long water/rest break at the little market in town. As we walked into the parking lot, a lady smiled at us and asked, “Where’s your cat?”

She had passed us in her car as we were “walking a cat down the Avenue”, and thought it was a strange sight. (Go figure… Doesn’t everyone carry a cat around with them in the woods???)

And yet another funny story…

On my way back to Eureka, I diverted to Hidden Springs Campground. I wanted to thank Ranger Becca for her willingness to help us out with parking yesterday, and to explain why it didn’t work out. She was on duty, but not at the kiosk. She was helping tend to a goat that had wandered into the campground from who-knows-where!

On this day of lost and helpless animals alone in the wild, I’m glad we were chosen by the 6-ounce kitten and not the billy goat…




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