Dyerville Overlook to Myers Flat (Ave of the Giants)

Our day started with a quick change of plans. It was already planned to be a slightly shorter day – 9.4 miles to Hidden Springs Campground. I heard there had been a few break-ins of cars parked on the road in this area over the past few days, so I had gotten permission to park at no charge within the relative safety of the campground.

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: Focus on the Family
Church Spotlight: Rio Dell Baptist Church – Rio Dell, CA
Church Spotlight: Eureka Faith Center – Eureka, CA

I needed to get a parking pass from Becca, the ranger I had talked to the day before. Unfortunately, we got there too early and the kiosk was unattended – with no indication of when they would open. There was a large turnout along the road, but with the knowledge of the break-ins we decided not to risk it. So we drove back into Meyers Flat and parked in town, which shortened our day to about 8.75 miles (yay) – but will lengthen our day tomorrow to about 11.25. Both of us are fine with that, so no problem!

As we passed Williford Road, I asked Tina to stop and give me a high five because we had just passed my 800-mile mark! She decided the occasion shoukd be marked with a photo:


The road less traveled:


Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. ~ Psalm 25:4

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