College of the Redwoods to Fortuna

There was some nice farmland along the way today, and I saw some cowboys rounding up cattle into a corral with a livestock transport truck waiting nearby – but the majority of the route was simply an attempt to avoid the freeway as much as possible.

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: The Dream Center
Church Spotlight: Faith Center Foursquare Church – Eureka, CA
Church Spotlight: First Baptist Church – Redway, CA

I caught the early bus from my end point in Fortuna back to The College of the Redwoods. There was a homeless man with a bike also waiting for the bus, and he seemed overly worried that I might not want to sit by him, offering to get up and move… I just sat down next to him and introduced myself – and he said his name was Johnnie.  He started to hold out his hand to me, but then he looked down at it and drew it back because it was very dirty. I didn’t want him to think I noticed, so I started making small talk.

In the course of conversation, I found out he’s a Christian “but not a forgiving one”. I chided him a bit and told him that forgiveness is more beneficial to him than to the other person, but he shrugged it off. We had a nice chat about the current state of the world – he’s a smart guy and a good conversationalist.

I had my bike with me because there were some stretches of freeway today that DID have Pedestrians Prohibited signs. These are places where I’ll walk my bike beside me to be in compliance with the law. (I’ve been told that a person walking a bike is considered a dismounted cyclist, not a pedestrian.)

I was hoping that the bus didn’t already have a bike on the rack, because they only have room for 2 – and both Johnnie and I had bikes. Sure enough, the bus already had 1 bike when it arrived.  I told Johnnie to go, as he was there first – but he insisted I go.  As we were debating this, the kindly bus driver told us it would be okay to put one on the rack and bring one on board the bus – thank you!

Johnnie sat near me and we talked as we rode. He was heading to Eureka, so I told him about the mission and their new building – but he said he wasn’t really interested. When I got off the bus I held my hand out to him and this time he gave me a hearty handshake. I don’t know where he’s sleeping tonight, but I pray he’s safe.

It’s been really foggy here every evening, so I’ve pretty much given up on seeing any sunsets.  However, (as is my custom in every town) I still found a ‘happy place’ where I go to finalize the next day’s game plan, relax and reflect before I call it a day – in Eureka it’s the Woodley Island Marina with the town as a backdrop, and I want to share my favorite picture thus far:


The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way; though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the Lord upholds his hand. ~ Psalm 37:23-24

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