Dry Lagoon SP to Patrick’s Point SP

Last day of walking before some at-home time! It was a short day – only 8 miles to walk, and I’m still a couple of miles ahead of schedule. We got an early start – Pastor Gary Dean & his wife Sandra offered to shuttle us back to our car, and we chose 10:30 as our meet time at the end of the route.  They parked at the end then walked to meet us in the final mile, which adds them to my list of ‘Sole Brothers and Sisters’!

Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: California Abilities Network
Church Spotlight: Orick Presbyterian Church – Orick, CA (no website)

It was a cool, foggy day – GREAT for walking!


We got friendly honks from 2 different vehicles – the first was likely one of the couples we had dinner with at the Requa Inn last night (we asked them to give us a honk if they saw us today), and the second was a big white lumber truck that has given me a ‘good morning’ honk nearly every day since Smith River.

When we got back to Orick, Larry & I went over to the rodeo arena & watched Donna’s grand daughter ride in a gymkhana horse show.  It brought back great memories of my barrel racing days!

Then it was off to scout my route for next time. Gary Dean & Sandra rode with us and then they treated us to a wonderful dinner in Eureka. We got home just in time to take in one last Orick sunset at Redwood National Park.

Busy day, busy week – we’re ready to go, but sad to leave…

Many thanks to our host families/churches: Dave & Sally in Walnut Creek; Pastor Rory & Loretta in Gold Beach (Gold Beach Foursquare Church); Melissa in Brookings (Pastor Eric & Living Waters Foursquare Church); Pastor Roger & Crescent City Foursquare Church in Crescent City; Donna, Pastor Gary Dean & Sandra in Orick (Orick Presbyterian Church); Linda & Paul in Benicia. Thanks to Rory & Loretta, Donna, and Gary Dean & Sandra (and bus drivers Barry & Ruth) for transportation, and to Whaleshead Resort, Java Hut and J & L Market for letting me park. Also thanks to Gary Dean/Sandra and Rory/Loretta for keeping the bike during my trips home!


A friend loves at all times – Proverbs 17:17


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