Klamath to Prairie Creek Redwoods SP

We started the day really late because of the bus schedule. The earliest bus of the day was due to arrive at Ah-Pah Trailhead at about 11;15 a.m.,  and it was running about 15 minutes late, so we weren’t even able to start walking till after noon.  Other than that there was only 1 bus, the ride to our starting point went well – today. But the driver was pretty knowledgeable of the ‘rules’ (she used to teach bus drivers), and she said she really wasn’t supposed to pick us up there.  She said that even though she was able to pull fully off the side of the road, it has to be a place where she can see 500 feet in either direction on the road – that complicates our flag stop selections a bit!

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Church Spotlight: Crescent City Foursquare Church – Crescent City, CA
Church Spotlight: Living Waters Foursquare Church – Brookings, OR

We were grateful that she had stopped for us, but it wasn’t till we were almost finished with our mileage when it occurred to me that we were going to be in a pickle tomorrow. Because we ended at Ah-Pah today, it’s supposed to be our starting point tomorrow, but the bus will no longer be able to drop us off there! When we got in the car and left Ah-Pah, we looked for legit spots for the bus to stop nearby, but there were none – lots of turnouts, but the road was just too curvy for the 500′ visibility rule.

We resigned ourselves to a ‘split’ day. Larry would drop me off at Ah-Pah (Point A) with Larry driving alongside until we got to a spot where the bus could stop (Point B).  Then we both drive to the day’s end point (Point C) and park the car in time to catch the bus back to Point B – then finish the walk together back to the car at Point C.

However, you can forget everything you just read because the sweet woman who helped us connect with our Orick host church offered to drop us off at Ah-Pah! 🙂

Even though we started and finished walking late today, we arrived at Orick Presbyterian Church in time for a shower before Bible study. They had a potluck, too, which was nice because we didn’t have to scramble for a place to find dinner afterwards!

We’re all settled in for our final nights before we head home on Sunday.  Here’s Larry crossing the pretty Klamath River:


I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.  ~ John 16:33

2 thoughts on “Klamath to Prairie Creek Redwoods SP

  1. Shelley and I greatly pleased that your Orick connections/networking worked out smoothly! As we drove past the little town with their small roadside churches, we prayed for a perfect fit… Continue in HIS greatness!

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    • He did give us a perfect fit! Of all those small roadside churches, the one we are with is the only one still operating as a church – good people with a willing spirit, and we pray for fruitfulness in their efforts!


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