Ophir to Gold Beach

I’ve walked on beaches in the areas I’m passing through, but today was the first day I actually walked on a beach as part of my day’s route.  After a recommendation by my host mom, I diverted from the highway and walked on Bailey Beach for about a mile, ending at the jetty where the Rogue River meets the sea. Then I headed east to the Patterson Bridge to enter Gold Beach. The sand was level and hard packed, and it was a nice change to be on the beach itself instead of on the highway above it!

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: Focus on the Family
Church Spotlight: Gold Beach Foursquare Church – Gold Beach, OR

Just before I got to the jetty, an osprey flew over me with what looked like a snake – or more likely an eel, in its grip:


He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge. ~ Psalm 91:4

…Unless you happen to be an eel. 😉

4 thoughts on “Ophir to Gold Beach

  1. That Osprey… reminds me of the time Cheryl and I went to Yellowstone. We were cruising through, checking out all the mud pools. Not all are geysers, there are lots and lots of these very colorful pools, scalding hot water and all. So, we stopped at one place that was along a river, don’t even remember which, or what part of Yellowstone it was, and I got out and asked Cheryl if she wanted to go up and see the pools?

    She tells me, no, I’ll just hang out here, by the bridge, with the dog. So, I took the camera, and ran up there, and toured all these pools, there were about a dozen of them at this particular location. Very beautiful, very colorful. I got probably a few dozen photos. I thought I had done such a great job and had so much cool stuff to share with my wife.

    I get back, and she tells me: “Dear, you just missed an Osprey catching a fish in the river right in front of us.” The river was about 50′ wide at that point, lots of water and so on. There was a wildlife photographer there, with his camera all setup on a tripod and all. It was a very nice camera. He was ready (and Cheryl was right there next to him) when the Osprey dove on this fish, caught the entire thing on his camera! He replayed it several times for Cheryl. By the time I got back, he was gone, off to send in his photos no doubt…

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  2. Shelley and I really liked the view of Patterson Bridge from our parking spot at Gold Beach near the beached wreck of steamer “Mary D. Hume.” quite an interesting story…just a derelict now, rotting in disrepair, soon to be gone but not forgotten…God Bless you continually, Laura!..the Kemps

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