Potpourri (4)

I arrived home at about 1 pm Tuesday, just missing by a handful of miles and a handful of hours a sinkhole that shut down I-5 for several days. Larry & I had an immediate date night, heading off to watch the Angels win over the Tigers 11-9. Lots of home runs on both sides!

Spotlights This Week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: Focus on the Family
Church Spotlight: First Baptist Church – Florence, Oregon

I’m not walking this week, so there won’t be any updates on the Facebook page…

The baseball commitment put me a little behind in my unpacking – I haven’t even done my laundry yet. :-/ It’ll get done sometime before I leave again on June 10 – it has to!

When I go back up I’ll have some company.  Shelley & Kelly from our church will be with me the first week and we’ll be camping in their motor home.  Should be fun! It’ll be a nice time to have someone nearby, as that week will be beautiful but has a number of isolated areas.

As I mentioned last time, I’ve walked halfway through Oregon – and 1/4 of the way through the entire trek. When I go back, I’ll hit 500 miles on Day 2.

And here we go with Potpourri (4):

I was fascinated with these cows in Tillamook – the breed is called Dutch Belted, but the nickname is ‘Oreo Cows’. On the way back to my host church each evening I passed a large herd of them:


As I entered Tillamook, I passed Polar Ice Co – they let me come in and observe the ice-making process. They were busily making/storing ice for Memorial Day weekend, and I was especially fond of this ‘udderly’ charming stool:


Many of the businesses/barns had quilt panels – and I added another form of fauna to my list – an emu!


Road Gator – I found them to be quite docile…


This might very well be an AIR MUSEUM – or maybe it’s an AIR MUSEUM. I’m not sure, because the signage is so ambiguous… 😀


I thought this was kinda cool – it looks like a forest fire, but it’s actually the sunset colors peeking through the clouds on my last night in Tillamook County. 😦


Some famous places I visited during this walking cycle: Lincoln City (Kite Capital of the World, and LC also has the D River = World’s Shortest), Depoe Bay (World’s Smallest Harbor AND Whale Watching Capital of the World) – and I crossed the 45th parallel:


Love you all – and thank you for your prayers!

“But I am like an olive tree, thriving in the house of God. I will always trust in God’s unfailing love.”  ~ Psalm 52:8



5 thoughts on “Potpourri (4)

  1. Laura, The things you have seen on your journey are just amazing! Truly things people miss driving through these places. I love playing catch up and see the pics. I love to hear all the ways that provisions have been made for you and I think you have had many Divine Appointments as well. Think of all the memories you are making! I miss you my sole sister. I need to make Ken take a road trip and we can have a couple days together!!! Be safe sister, you are in our hearts and prayers! Thanks for the special postcards!!!

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