Ready, Set, Go… (Again)

I told Larry, “I’m ready to go – I’m just not ready to leave.” This one was hard… not sure why, ’cause it won’t be as long as last time. I was really kinda melancholy as I drove away from home, but when I turned on the radio, guess what the first song was? Oceans!

Spotlights this week:
Always: Hope Chapel
Charity Spotlight: ICAN (California Abilities Network)
Church Spotlight: Bethel Baptist Church – Tillamook, OR

NOTE: I only post here on Saturdays – on other days I’ll post short updates on the Soles4Hope FACEBOOK page!

Emily sang Oceans at Bible Study on Wednesday – the first time I ever heard it was when she was learning to play it on her guitar, so she knows how much I love it! That was SO sweet of her, and of course it choked me up. I love this one particular YouTube video of the song:

I was watching this video again earlier this week and there is one picture toward the end of the slideshow that caught my eye in a way that it never has before:


I thought, “No way!”, and I went to check my own recent photos – and found that as I was walking in Cannon Beach during my last trip up here, I had taken this picture (though not nearly as dramatic as the one above):


Definitely the same lighthouse – Terrible Tilly! How cool is that?

My first day’s drive was pleasant but uneventful. When I got to Yreka I grabbed some dinner and ate it in the car with a grand view of Mt. Shasta, then I went back to Life Foursquare Church (my host church) to listen to the worship team practice for awhile. But for some reason I could NOT get to sleep – I got 2-3 hours with nearly 400 more miles to drive today.

The first 320 miles got me to Portland, where I had lunch with Jill, one of my high school cheerleading friends. It was so much fun catching up. We had seen each other for the first time since high school at our recent reunion, but it was a treat to be able to spend some one-on-one time together.

In the afternoon I finished the last 70 miles to Tillamook, where I’ll be staying in 2 different churches during my first week. Today wasn’t nearly as pleasant a drive because it rained for all of the day, and it rained HARD for much of the day.  Jill saw the radar and said I was driving through lots of “orange and red” – I believe it.

As miserable as it was to drive in, it was beautiful watching the clouds weave themselves through the mountains and the trees.

Oh – and I can add another to my list of world’s bests I’ve visited… Linn County is The Grass Seed Capital of the World!


I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. ~ Psalm 16:8

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