Thoughts About Home

First of all, Happy Mothers’ Day to all the Moms – there is no more rewarding a profession than raising up the next generation.

Spotlights this week:
Always: Hope Chapel Missions
Charity Spotlight: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Church Spotlight: First Christian Church – Tillamook, Oregon


I’m home enjoying some R & R before heading north again on Friday the 13th.  This would be the time for me to do a ‘Potpourri’ post – some fun reminiscing about the previous walking cycle, but there are more pressing thoughts on my heart today.

I was blessed to be able to spend the first Sunday at my own church since March 20. I’ve missed you all SO much, and thank you for the warm welcome home.

I was asked to say a few words at the 8:00 service.  I’ve never been comfortable with public speaking, and I would stress myself even more if I tried to ‘script’ it.  So I decided months ago that I would let the Lord lead me as to what to say whenever I’m asked to speak. I had very little idea where I was going to go, but Pastor Zac mentioned the Astoria bridge – so that’s where I went. It was an intensely emotional part of my trek, and it was such a testimony of God being my rock, my fortress and my deliverer – I hope that I conveyed that message in a way that glorified Him.

There are burdens on my heart about keeping the focus of my trek where it should be – on Hope Chapel Missions, my charities, and God’s incredible provision for me throughout the course of this journey… anything other than me.  The only ‘me’ in this is that I do hope to be a better person for God’s work at the end of it – and He has already been faithful to lead me in paths of growth on many levels that I hope will equip me for His service far beyond this year of walking.

It has been humbling and sometimes disheartening that I’ll never know the impact that this mission will have, either financially for Hope Chapel Missions and my charities – or spiritually for those I meet along the way. My anchor verse (Joshua 1:9) says, “do not be afraid or discouraged…” – I just have to trust that if I persevere, there will be gain for His glory.

I’ve appreciated knowing that Soles 4 Hope has been an inspiration to some of you, and for all of your support, prayers and encouragement. I’m thrilled to have gotten to know so many members of our church through this mission in a lifelong bond that I know will continue into eternity.

There’s a fine line between being the focus of the story, and being the mouthpiece for ‘His-story’. When I’m out on the road it’s easy because I rely so heavily on Him as the source of my strength. It’s in the telling of it to others that I sometimes get in the way.

All I’m doing is taking a walk – something that most humans do every day, but even in this most basic of activities is the knowledge that God is imperative.

“I, the Lord, will give you every place you set your foot. ~ Joshua 1:3

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