Wide Open Spaces


It’s interesting how as this journey progresses, my definition of ‘isolation’ gets narrower. As the distance between homes and businesses gets greater, so does my comfort level.

After a drop off my my host ‘dad’ Ron at Skagit Speedway, today’s mileage was mostly on rural roads ranging from forest to farmland. It gave me lots of time to pray, think and sing out LOUD, with only the birds, the Lord and a few earthworms to hear my lousy voice.  Speaking of worms, they grow ’em big here:


In mile 2, I took a winding road down to Lake Samish where I could see mist rolling over the mountains, and the trees rarely see sunshine:


When I got to Lake Samish, it was so pretty that my pictures didn’t do it justice – I wish I could have walked with my head permanently sideways!

I eventually got to the town where I had encountered ‘horse guy’, as Diana & I now refer to him (the guy who thought I was trying to take a picture of his truck/license plate yesterday).  I kept an eye out for him – and sure enough, there he was, getting in his truck about 50 yards away. He was talking on the phone, so he didn’t start driving right away – if he had, he probably would have gotten to the end of the driveway about the same time I passed! He wouldn’t have recognized me, but I would have spoken to him if I ran into him. I was already way past his driveway when he passed me – but as he turned right at the 4-way stop & headed for I-5, I blessed him… bye-bye horse guy.

I never would have guessed that a cloudy, high-forties day with a chance of rain could be SO wonderful for walking – but it really was perfect.  I had to be prepared for rain, so my day pack was really about as full as it ever will be for the duration of the trek, and it really wasn’t a problem to carry. Each day thus far has given me data points about how to dress/pack for various combinations of temperature, winds and precipitation. I think I can do this!

After my walk was over, I checked in with Larry as I drove back to Lynden (hands-free). At one point I asked him to hold on as I pulled off the road to take a picture of a beautiful field of white swans:


As I started driving again, he said, “Better hope they don’t chase you down & ask why you’re taking their picture”… 😀

I spent a fun afternoon & evening with Diana exploring downtown Lynden, a quaint little Dutch village. We had dinner at a Greek restaurant, then ice cream at Edaleen’s and coffee at Woods. A great way to end the day!


“I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” – Philippians 4:13


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6 thoughts on “Wide Open Spaces

  1. I am LOVING following your journey and living vicariously though you, especially since my walking days are gone (for now)! I loved Uncle Larry’s comment as well! LOL! I took a photo this morning of a slew of small white birds in our yard (not sure what they were exactly). Please say a prayer for my meeting with my surgeon on Tuesday . . . I’m not ready for another surgery. Blessings of safety, health, and revelation from the Lord to you! ❤

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  2. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was read your blog! One eye open And all. You really capture the beauty of the mornings! #keepwalking #praying4yourJourney ❤️

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