About 10-1/2 hours after leaving home, I’ve arrived at my overnight stop at Life Foursquare Church in Yreka, CA.  I’m so grateful for the hospitality – I feel very comfortable here. I’ll be sleeping in the nursery ’cause it has a nice heater.  I’m a little big for the crib (haha), so I’ll opt for the floor or maybe the couch in the lobby!

The weather was great until the last 2-3 hours (rain) as I went through the Redding-Mt Shasta area, but it stopped just before I got to Yreka so I didn’t have to unload in the rain. The was lots of ‘bloom’ along I-5 in the San Joaquin Valley – mostly brilliant yellow mustard and snow white almond trees (at least that’s what I think they were). The picture doesn’t do them justice!


The photo below shows my staging area at home prior to leaving – the bathtub! Everything fit nicely into the car without the need of a ‘shoehorn’, and nothing’s blocking my view.


I only got about 2-1/2 hours of sleep last night, so I should sleep well tonight!

One thought on “Yreka!

  1. Beautiful Aunt Laurie! I will have to read mom some of your posts when I visit her at the hospital later. 😉 I am lifting you up to our heavenly Father! I’m jealous you went through Redding! I want to visit Bethel church! 😀 ❤

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