God is SO Good!


Two weeks from today I’ll get in my Prius before dawn, loaded with my maps (yes, I still like the paper ones), gear for all types of weather, bicycle, air mattress, guitar, all my devices (or ‘appliances’, as Pastor Zac likes to call them 😀 ), my prayer list & Bible – and a bunch of other stuff!

I will begin the 1,254-mile drive to Blaine, WA to start the Soles 4 Hope Trek.  My first day of walking will be Monday, Feb 29.  10 miles per day, 6 days per week, 2 weeks per month, for 12 months – and just under 1700 miles from now, I’ll be at the Mexico border (Lord willing)!

Thank you, Hope Chapel, for your overwhelmingly positive response to our presentation of my trek. The past 2 weeks have really blown my mind with what special, loving people you are!

I am so grateful and humbled by your support.  I have asked often for prayers in the planning – which have never ceased to amaze me with their results.  One example was my need for logistical support in one particular area of Washington where I had written so many letters, but I was hitting brick walls with every plea I made. I was fairly resigned to pitching a tent…

After one of the services that weekend, a woman came to our table and signed up to help.  She happened to be visiting our church from (guess where?) – Washington… and she lived (guess where?) – in the area where I needed help so badly.  She was flying home that very afternoon, and she has graciously filled that void in my trek!

Yet another God Moment – among dozens throughout my preparations.

Every time… EVERY SINGLE time I have felt weak and timid, afraid or discouraged, the Lord has shown me His work in this, and that He will be with me wherever I go.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you, and to see what the Lord will do!



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