6 Weeks & Counting!

I can barely believe that in less than 6 weeks (Friday, Feb 26) I’ll be driving North on I-5 for the first cycle of my mission! I don’t have a clear idea where I’ll be sleeping each night for the next year, but things are starting to come together and  I’m comfortable stepping out in faith.

There’s a lot to do. A LOT to do.  I’m getting my camping gear in order, ’cause it seems I’m going to be doing a significant amount of that activity.  I shall be content with what the Lord provides – be it in a gracious family’s’s home, a campsite, a (hopefully) reasonably-priced motel room, or a few cat naps in my car!

I have an appointment with a podiatrist on Monday to evaluate my poor, tired feet – my referring physician thinks he’ll advise against this trip, but I’ll refer him to my God for that discussion… EDIT: I saw the podiatrist, and he thinks my feet are in pretty good shape! We’re gonna treat everything conservatively for now, and I can come back in any time if I have problems. “Yay!”

I spent last weekend in Salt Lake City at the US Short Track Speedskating Championships.  One of my favorite skaters – an Olympic medalist – was chatting with me about my trek and said that this journey will be all about just powering through it. “Putting one foot in front of another – and not stopping.” That’s how an Olympic medal was won, and that’s how this trek will succeed.

~ Laura

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