I Will Not Be Shaken – Will You?

This may seem a bit off-topic for my trek, but I really do need to know how to post videos here, and this is a great opportunity to learn – and frankly, most everything in my life these days I see within the prism of my trek.  So yeah, there’ll be a reference to S4H later…

Yesterday morning I suddenly realized that I was scheduled to do worship for our Mini Church (that night), so I scrambled. I had Bible study till noon, so I couldn’t even start thinking about Mini Church until the afternoon.

I like to play one contemporary song and one old-school praise chorus, so I chose We Will Not Be Shaken by Brian Johnson and Majesty by Jack Hayford. I downloaded the chords to both & practiced them all day long – praying that I would do honor to the songs & not be a bumbling distraction with my lack of preparation.

Just as I got set up at our host home, Glenda (one of our other worship leaders) walked in the door ready to lead. She can’t do it next week, so I bowed out & will do my songs next week – one more week to practice (YAY)!!!

Funny thing, one of the songs she chose was Majesty – apparently, it was destined to be sung. 🙂

I really want y’all to see this video of We Will Not Be Shaken – it’s SUCH a powerful song, especially as we see our freedoms as people of faith being ‘shaken’.  I also feel that it’s great inspiration for my trek – I can see myself walking along Hwy 101 with my hands in the air, singing “I Will Not Be Shaken” amidst the curious stares from logging truck drivers…


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