Ashes to Asphalt

Really – I don’t know why this notion has just now come to me. It’s been a couple of weeks since this happened…

During our trip to Florida, my niece Jori asked me if I’d like to have some of my Mom’s ashes.  I had no idea they existed.  She had a small portion that was precious to her and offered to share them with me to do with what I wished. I said “Yes, absolutely”.

At the time they were given, I didn’t have a clue what I would do with them – but I knew I wanted them, and that I’d think of something special.

And then it hit me… check out my very first post on this blog and you’ll see what I’m talking about – I’m Thinking About Taking a Walk

I know that Mom is a Believer who is dancing with Jesus right now and she has more glorious things to consider – but if I take this trek I think I’ll take a part of her with me, if only to feel that she finally got that adventure we never took together when I was a ‘kidlet’!

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