Day 7 (Friday) – Home!

(Written from our Friday, July 31 notes after we returned home)

We can smell the home fires burning!

Even though we were only about 160 miles from home, it took us about 7 hours to get there because there was a lot of freeway-dodging that had to be done.

There are quite a few stretches of open farmland to be navigated – lightly traveled, but they don’t seem particularly isolated.  There are also many open, isolated miles entering and leaving Lompoc.  The preferred route also includes Harris Grade, which will definitely leave me huffing and puffing!

If we’re unable to get local assistance through the isolated areas during this walking cycle, we’re thinking it shouldn’t be too hard to get friends from our home area (or Larry) to provide any vehicle support I think I may need. It’s really not very far from where we live.

We stopped at home, but this isn’t the end of our route mapping.  We still have the stretch between here and the Mexico border to do, but we’ll take a break for awhile and make that a day trip at a later time.

‘Tis good to be home!


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