Day 6 (Thurs) – Olema, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA

(Written from our Thursday, July 30 notes after we got home)

Weaving our way through San Francisco wasn’t as crazy as we expected – not even on the Golden Gate Bridge! The Coast Bike Route goes through some really nice areas, and we felt that the route was very comfortable all the way down past Half Moon Bay, where it gets a little isolated again until Santa Cruz. In Santa Cruz, we start dealing with freeways again until Monterey, but there are comfortable and scenic alternate routes.

The coast got wild, curvy & steep again after Monterey (along the Big Sur Coast) and gradually flattened as we got closer to the popular string of Central Coast towns that include Cambria, Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach.  More freeways, but adequate ways around them.

By this time, we realized that we’ll make it home easily tomorrow – a day ahead of schedule! We called ahead to our favorite little motel in San Luis Obispo, but they were booked up and recommended the Super 8 next door.  We arrived in time for the spectacular Thursday Night Farmer’s Market and had ‘street food’ for dinner.

We know 2 people in San Luis Obispo, neither of whom knew we were coming.  On the way to the Farmer’s Market, I said, “wouldn’t it be something if we saw one of them here tonight?”  Sure enough, we heard a voice calling us, and there was Kane (our daughter-in-law’s brother).  He said he had just left Anthony (the other person we know – one of our son’s teammates on the men’s soccer team at Cal Poly SLO) in one of the restaurants nearby, so we got to say hello – and Happy Birthday – to him, too!

He took a photo of us & sent it to our son in L.A., saying, “Hey, your mom & dad came up here to celebrate my birthday – where were YOU?” 🙂

It was a good day, ending in one of our favorite towns – but I think we’re both ready to get home tomorrow!

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