Day 5 (Wed) – Garberville, CA to Olema, CA

(Written from our Wed, July 29 Day 5 notes after we returned home)

As we left Garberville, we encountered a few more “Begin Freeway” and “Freeway Ends” areas before we got to Leggett.  At this point, Hwy 101 stays inland and we diverted to Hwy 1 which goes thru the forest (yeah, woods, woods, WOODS) for about 30 miles to the coast. No more freeway worries until we get to San Francisco – but the twists and turns on the 1, some shoulderless, are really daunting. Motorhomes and large trucks abound, and as a driver it was a little freaky to come around a curve and encounter a cyclist on one side and a logging truck on the other.  I can only imagine how it felt for the cyclist!

My thinking is that by the time I get to this point I should be pretty used to walking in this type of environment.  By this time on my walk, I would have already dealt with heavy traffic, isolation, and shoulderless, curvy roads for many weeks – and hopefully it will just be another day on the road.  A very beautiful day, I might add – the scenery in this area is some of the best on the entire trip!

This turned out to be a rather unremarkable day – despite all the twists and turns, we made up all of our mileage deficit.  We stayed overnight at Olema Campground just north of San Francisco, after detouring inland to Santa Rosa for a light dinner at a place our son had recommended.

We had stayed at this same campground a few years ago on a different trip up the coast.  Nice place, but what I remembered most about it was the marauding raccoons in the middle of the night.  They got into the box with the dog food, and gave the cooler a try too – not easily scared away.  We were never able to scrub those paw prints off the cooler!  No critters this time, though.  We also had a really nice father/son from Sacramento camping next to us – the son was here to photograph the mists that rolled in over the mountains, and he had a bonanza on this evening.

All in all, a very good day.

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