Day 3 (Mon) – Tillamook to Bandon, Oregon

(Written from our Monday, July 27 Day 3 notes – after we returned home)

It was so nice to have a night that went according to plan – camping!

We left the campground (driving slowly to avoid the bunnies) and the Northern Oregon coast proved to be a pretty comfortable area.  Towns are spaced close together without a lot of isolation in between. The 101 is open to pedestrians, and generally goes right through the center of town with plenty of opportunities for food, water and  ‘heeding the call of nature’.

There did seem to be a bit of isolation between Newport and Florence, but it was heavily traveled by both autos & Pacific Coast cyclists – and state parks abound.

In Lincoln City we tried once again to get my Verizon data plan working.  The store manager (Zachary) tried every tool in his wheelhouse, but to no avail.  After nearly 2 hours, a telephone technician finally got the data plan working – but we still couldn’t access my account to see how much data I had remaining.  We thanked Zachary for his time and left, just happy that I finally had access to my maps.  UNTIL about 20 miles down the road, where the problem came right back again. 😦

In Florence, we finally gave up on Verizon & stopped at an AT&T store, where we switched to a prepaid plan for the duration of our trip.  I’ll deal with Verizon when I get home… (EDIT: Verizon was great – refunded me everything I paid… 🙂 )

Our goal today was to make it to Brookings, where we would have been a bit ahead of schedule – but the time in Verizon set us back significantly, so we only made it to Bandon. We passed a KOA and decided to call it a day.  SO glad we did – it was a lovely campground, and we met some young women who had connections to both the campground owner AND the Foursquare church! We had a wonderful conversation with them, and one of them said her mom goes to a large Foursquare church in Lompoc (right on my route) and would be happy to support our efforts with perhaps a place to stay! He does work in mysterious ways, and I really feel that this was a ‘God Moment’.

The entire conversation with these lovely ladies served as great encouragement…

We did make up some time today, despite the delays – we’re only about 40 miles behind schedule.

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